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The Plexr care kit, has been created to come in support to the home care therapy for patients that undergo aesthetic medicine and non-invasive treatments.


The kit comprises of:


  • Skin Cover 30ML - this is a light make up base. The skin protection must be applied right after the treatment and must be applied at least until the healing process is over. It is also optimal to be used on a daily basis without going through treatments.

  • ZN Cream 50ML - This cream contains Zinc Oxide, Hyaluronic acid, UVA and UVB filters. Its application is to be applied for the initial 15 days after treatment and should be applied in the morning and evening.

  • Factor K  50ML - This cream contains vitamin K & E and UVA, UVB filters and is a natural hydroquinone activator. It is to be applied in the morning and evenings from the 16th day after the ZN cream and after all crusts have fallen off

Plexr Post Treatment Aftercare Pack

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